The Pole Coven


How do I book a class? 

We use Team Up as our booking system. You can book all our classes HERE from private lessons, drop in classes and monthly memberships.

How much are your group classes? 

We have different classes at different rates but our Drop In rate for most classes is £15 for an hour class. Prices do go down if you opt for monthly memberships with added extras. All the information about these can be found on our TeamUp in the registration options when you book a class. For more information about all the class types we offer, check out OUR CLASSES

Do you offer private 1:1 lessons? 

Private tuition is priced at a Drop In rate of £40 for a 1:1 and £60 for a 2:1 (share with a friend). The prices of these also go down when you buy these in bulk. To book a private lesson or to check out our instructor availability CLICK HERE

What should I wear? 

For your first class it's fine to wear comfortable gymwear like leggings and a vest top. From your second class, we suggest bringing shorts with you as you will need leg grip as you progress.

If for modesty or religious reasons you need to remain covered up, that is no problem. Once you get to a level where you will require skin grip, you can purchase clothing such as leggings with grip to help you stick to the pole. We can help you with recommendations. 

Do I need to be flexible to start pole? 

You do not need to be flexible to start pole, you will gain flexibility during the moves and exercises you will undertake. In the future, we will also offer stretch classes for those who want to work on their flexibility gains. 

I have no upper body strength, can I still do pole?

Of course! You don't need upper body strength to start pole. Strength comes with time and learning all the cute moves we have in our syllabus. Our instructors will meet you where you're at and have you doing fun stuff in no time. 

Do I need to be a certain body type to do pole?

Come as you are. A common thread we hear from folks is "I need to lose weight before I start pole" and it breaks our hearts to hear it. We want you to come as you are and see how truly awesome you are. Take up as much space as the incredible person you are.

I'm neurodivergent and struggle in class settings, can you accommodate for me?

Of course. Our founder Chlo is neurodivergent and understands the stresses of being in a class environment. Chlo also offers low-stimulation private pole lessons to work at your pace. You can find their availability on the 'Appointments' tab on the TeamUp app HERE

Is the studio available to hire for individuals and other businesses?

We strive to create a community with The Pole Coven so we are open to hiring out our studio to other fitness businesses who align with our values. If you're looking to hire out our studio, drop us a line. 

We also want our facilites to be used by local pole dancers who need a space to practice for competitions and showcases, film for instructor assessments or just have a private training session to themselves. If this is you, drop us a line!

Got a question for us that we haven't covered? Drop us a line HERE